Principal Message

Principal Message

Inspired by the divine words of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa “ One cannot attain knowledge till one gets rid of pride. Water does not stay on the top of a mound; but into lowland it flows in torrent from all sides”. We at Banglore International Public School believe in prime motto is to fulfill the mission of our school – ‘To promote academic excellence and to nurture the physical, emotional an psychological aspects of the child development by providing ample opportunities in a warm and supportive environment .’

At Banglore International Public School we provide an environment that encourages a child to be a global citizen who personifies good character, creativity and leadership. As a school , we ensure that the child learns naturally, effortlessly and joyously in a joint venture with parents. It is a school where you lay solid foundation for your child’s future. Besides well planned scholastic programmes with extensive use of technology, we seek to develop and nurture the innate talents of a child.

We do believe that an educator is an agent of social change. They are committed to nurture every student’s potential, excellence of eduction, assisting students to expertise genuine respect for others and also to develop healthy relationship to become responsible citizens. Our chilren are happy children and do enjoy their childhood through schooling with ample opportunities in sports and creative pursuits.

To my dear students, I would like to endorse the very inspiring thoughts of Malcolm X “The future belong to those who prepare for it TODAY”.

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Wishing an era of supreme excellence at Banglore International Public School

Dr. Marceline Monteiro