School days are the best in life. It gets even   better here in BIPS.

Our school provides us many amenities. I-minds helps us in life skills, They teach us fashion designing, game designing and much more. We also have E-library, maths and computers labs.

Our school is the best when it comes to cultural activities and competitions. Recently, we had ‘BIPDS SPLASH’-2013.  It was a wonderful event in which students had taken part in aerial dancing, digital dancing, photography, fashion show – contemporary and  traditional  and many more activities. There was an art exhibition filled with many creations and art works.

School days are really fun in BIPS.

-by K.Raksha  Hegde


Like all schools, my school is a temple of learning. My school, I say proudly, has the state of art facilities everything from the latest apple I-Mac in the I-Minds to the traditional Bunsen  Burner in the chemistry lab. Each class is equipped with the best computer and projector from NIIT. I-Minds has best faculty with facility to explore the unused creativity in us. All teachers are really friendly and gives us a parent child relationship feeling. There is a swimming pool with a well-trained coach, attached with a huge 400m Race track and field. This school gives me great advantage to explore my hidden talent.

I love my school.

-by Harihara.S


Schools help in moulding a student into a better human being.

Bangalore International Public School, one of the leading schools in India has provided its students with excellent amenities and wonderful technology. Bangalore International Public School has introduced news and creative methods of learning. It has introduced projectors, interactive classrooms and e-library.

A student cannot always concentrate on studies until he/she has some recreational activities too. Bangalore International Public School, has introduced sports camp and sports complex which is well-equipped with a swimming pool,  200 mts running track. It has also introduced a mini-indoor game stadium .

A creative mind is very important for a student in-order to excel in all fields. BIPS has introduced

I-minds  technology which has helped its students to increase their creativity power.

Overall, BIPS has made its students to excel in all fields. BIPS believes in learning with fun policy.

-by Spoorthy.S


I feel proud to say that I am a student of  BIPS. The most  wonderful  school is Bangalore. We have many techniques which helps us to learn more than every school. We have e-lab (Electronic-lab), library, math-lab and everything which can make us efficient  in our school. We can even go to swimming pool once in a week and have an athletic display every year. We have indoor games and outdoor games and also fun filled environment. I love my school BIPS. This is the  best school I ever found.

-by Shreyas Gowda.N


Poem of BIPS

Beyond ages there wasn’t any,  but now you see many.

But never like this you’ve seen, and the experience lasts between!!!

Tablets, Apple computers, games and fames our great BIPS school tames,

There may be many names, but BIPS fames above all!!!

We have a great technology,

We have a great brain-logy,

Our, flags above all

to the mark of hall!!!

Our Swimming pool

Our I-minds is cool

Has knowledge vast

Above it’s mast!!!

Our school,  its above the rest and is the best,

We can never leave this school, lest,

We have to accept our fate!!!

This is the least we can do as a tribute to give

This great school has never lost and will never lose!!!

Let the flag fly above the rest,

East or West

BIPS is the best!!!!

-by Rohit.R.J


My  wonderful school – BIPS

I go to one of the best schools in Bangalore. It’s because of amount of wonderful time I spent in it. The teachers in our school are just fabulous,  not only because of their expert teaching abilities but  also because of the relation we have with them. We look  like family.

With the vast teaching materials present in our schools, our students learn with joy, just like our motto “joy of learning” like our interactive style of teaching, the ICR (Interactive class room) livens up the classroom.

Our school also features  the I-minds where I stands for Image, lets our imagination flow like a river. This introduction of I-minds truly completed our school. The educational trips and the programmes conducted are mesmerizing and truly unforgetable.

This is my last year of school and has been one of the best. The learning – teaching fun and every other experience in this school has been phenomenal.

BIPS truly signifies “Excellence in Education”.

-by Pramod.T


‘Joy of Learning’

As the motto of our school “Joy of Learning” signifies that learning becomes joyful.  I am really lucky and virtuous to be a student of this school. The latest technologies and innovative mode of teaching are the highlights of our school. Every student gets an opportunity to show his/her talent by e-guru, which has been installed in each and every class room. Students are taught in a very interactive way in the interactive class rooms. The provisions and facilities that are provided by our school have been really fantastic. The Math lab has enabled to study maths in a practical way. The e-books in our library has proved that our school is highly technological. The encouragement given by our teachers has been a backbone of our school. I am highly obliged that I am studying in such a wonderful school and I am truly proud of it.

-by Shreyaush & Natarajan