Swimming Pool

Our Institute is endowed with a beautiful swimming pool of 25 metre length. It caters to the students, faculty, and other residents of the campus.
There are 2 swimming pool and is divided into three parts. There is a very shallow pool for the tiny tots. There is a wading pool for the learners. A deeper pool with a maximum depth of 8 feet is available for the more experienced swimmers and to those who train for competitions.
Swimming is the best exercise possible,in that it is not just an enjoyable recreational activity but it is an essential life skill that can save your life and others life. We can get both mental and physical relaxation at the same time. When we swim our body works from top to toe. Our coaches and our life guard will be available always.


The school has large playing fields and our students have the opportunity to play a range of sports — cricket, football, athletics, tennis and Horse-riding activity is on the anvil. A modern gym and a swimming pool provide additional physical activity. To bring out the child’s maximum potential, we have professional coaches for all sports.


Indoor Multisports Center

The Indoor Sports room provides a healthy, professionally managed and maintained environment where the school children can enjoy playing social sport all year round. Its Multisports is a modern, purpose-built indoor sports center considered one of the best in bangalore. Impressive facilities, professional, friendly staff, and well-organized competitions ensure an ideal social and sporting environment.

Basket ball court

The newest facility added to the BIPS, the basketball court are the perfect outdoor facility to play basketball. basketball has developed to involve many common techniques of shooting, passing and dribbling, as well as players’ positions, and offensive and defensive structures. When you step out on the court, be ready to play.