Students of Grade VIII & IX along with 3 teachers attended the programme a lecture on  ” ROSETTA :TO CATCH A COMET! ” at Vishweshwariah Museum by European space science and gave them the exposure to the challenge of the scientific finding.


I had very good experience in Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum. On Rosetta Mission, The Lecturer had a very good accent & and had presented his presentation very well. ‘Comet is a small object in a solar system that orbits the sun’. The Touchdown on November 12, amid cheers & tears on earth.

Ishan Raja

8th ‘A’ ICSE

Mr. Mark Megrahem had come from ESA (European Space Agency) explained about Comet-67P [Churymor Gerasimenko]

Shashank G.K

8th B ICSE

To listen to a lecture like this is an unforgettable memory in our life,

It was a sad little moment at last when he explained  how Rosetta shut down.

Sanjana I S

8th A ICSE


I learnt many new things like that of earth contain water formed of one deuterium atom in it. Rosetta was actually a piece of rock found in Egypt which contained inscriptions of 3 different languages & the first language was a mystery & Rosetta refers to the comet’s Mystery.




ESA [European Space Agency]. It was conducted by British Council. It was a great Experience to meet & interact with scientists from ESA

Anonymous, IX STD


A comet is an icy body that release gas or dust. They are often compared to dirty snowballs comet contain dust, ice, carbon dioxide, ammonia, methane & more. Solar System is formed about 4.6 Billion years ago.

Thulasi Leena. D

8th ‘A’ STATE


The biggest surprise of the mission is likely the detection of abundant molecular oxygen (O2) in 67P’s nucleus.

Disha. M

8th ‘A’ STATE