1.  I am Spoorthy.S from Bangalore International Public School. I would like to give a message of peace to all the citizens of Russia and Ukraine.Here’s a small message to all my dear brothrs and sisters of Russia and Ukraine, we all are united, we have stood together during the worst times. I would like to tell you all to maintain peaceful relations, as relation is more valuable than resources. All of us are Human beings and we should learn to share and care for each other.

“Victory attained by violence is tantamount to defeat, for it is momentary.”

So, I request you all to live in peace.

  -by Spoorthy.S

    IX ‘A’ ICSE


2. I am Raksha  Hegde of Bangalore International Public School and I would like to share a peaceful advice with all the citizens of Russia and Ukraine – “Man’s desire never ends. This world belings to no one. We wouldn’t again want to world war-III. So please maintain peaceful relations.”

 -by Raksha Hegde

    IX ‘A’ ICSE


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