Norms for Van Students :

For the safety of all students who board the bus, students are expected to obey the following rules :

  1. Follow the queue system while boarding and alighting buses.
  2. Show ID Card to the conductor while boarding the bus.
  3. Give respect to the driver and conductor and wish them and thank them.
  4. Start occupying the bus from the last row & last seat. Avoid reserving seats for others.
  5.  Allow the next students getting in, to sit next to you.
  6. Treat all students as your friends, make more friends.
  7. Help the younger students.
  8. Discuss, learn, exchange ideas and enjoy the pleasure of the company of friends while communicating in the school bus.
  9. Avoid rushing and pushing others.
  10.  Students must use only the bus and the bus stop assigned to them.
  11. Students may not enter or leave the bus at any place except the student’s regular bus stop or school unless the students has a note from home that has been approved by the Principal or Vice Principal.
  12. Students must stay in their seat while the bus is in motion. Students must not reserve seats.
  13. Students must keep the aisle of the bus clear at all times. Items such as books, bags must not block the aisle.
  14. Students must obey all bus safety and follow the directions of their bus driver.
  15.  Students must not litter the bus, throw anything out of the window, or cause damage to the bus.



1st Offense : A documented warning from the driver.

2nd Offense : Warning and communication to parent by the administrator.

3rd Offense : Bus suspension for one day.

4th Offense : Bus suspension for two days.

5th Offense : Final suspension and bus services denied.