How iMinds Works

IMINDS works along with the school to set-up IMINDS creative Lab and programs that cater to students in every class.

By making it a part of the current curriculum, students are introduced to a whole new world of possibility, in turn increasing their performance and dedication. It also helps in opening up several new aspirations, far beyond the limited options they are made to choose from currently.

The IMINDS course works as an integrated component of every student’s yearly syllabus, with the option of providing credit for their completion of each course. Beginning with as early as students of Class 1 (as per school level), all levels gradually increase in skill level, while introducing students to varied new aspects that Digital Media has to offer.




Report about I Minds Lab


Grade III, IV

Photography been thought to all the students, given chance to handle camera.

Benefits- It is fun to students and helps kids view the world in a new light. They learn about the importance of respecting a variety of objects and subject matters. They can take picture for social studies class or snap shots of living organisms for science class.


Grade V

Videography been thought to students.

Benefits – Videography can provide memories which can last a life time. Students have opportunities to be creative. They can record biography of someone in a creative way. They can create commercials on video. Set up an online system to transfer videos or mail them back and forth between schools.



Grade VI

Acting and cartoon animation

Benefits – Students can join film school in acting which is a focused course bringing out natural talent and blends with discipline, professionalism and creativity. Animation and game design are the newest big things in cinema and entertainment.


Grade VII

Clay sculpture and 3D Animation been taught.

Benefits – Students can do Art projects which involve critical thinking, problem solving and integrated literacy elements. Student’s art work will be displayed in gallery shows and screenings.

They learn how to draw cartoon with ease and style. It will be a fun activity as students can do their own animations.

Students also can use audio recording room where they can excel through music talents beyond the classroom. They can learn to manipulate sound.

Overall opinion of IMIND LAB is very good, interesting and students enjoy the lab. They thank the management for giving the wonderful infrastructure.