• State level parade competition –II Position
  • Horlicks WIZKIDS competition –II Winner, VII Consolation
  • Bagged smartest uniform award
  • Mythological quiz competition held at Gnanakshi school – I Position
  • Science exhibition conducted by Jain College –I Position
  • Canvas painting competition –PRAKRUTHI –II Position
  • Quiz competition – PURANVA 2012 –IV Position
  • Best School award by Hobtitute art foundation (Art In Me)
  • Hat trick in State level Parade competition – I Position
  • I Write – An innovative National level competition conducted by NIIT – III Position
  •  Inter ICSE Schools Art Competition at State level conducted by KISA – III Position
  • Master Mind Workshop – Made a new record in Guinness Book of world records.



  • Educational trip to ‘ Ragi Gudda”
  • Sports events
  • Rhymes and shlokas recitation competition
  • Display of doll show to depict dasara festival


  • Go Green day
  • Inter House Sports Competition
  • Extempore
  • Recitation
  • Declamation
  • Nutrition Day
  • World population Day
  • Science Exhibition
  • Hindi Day Celebration
  • Origamy workshop by I MINDS
  • Inter House Quiz Competition  



Commitment is too mild a word, for what ‘We Despites’ bring to our school. Our passionate involvement finds expression, in our Endeavour’s, that set standards for Many. It comes from a sense of belonging, a sense of being a part of a team that believes nothing is impossible. It is this emotional bonding, cutting across all levels at our school that gives “raison d’ enter” to achieve higher goal and levels of performance and when people get passionate about thing they do the results are bound to be simply spectacular.

Our school is divided into four houses.

1)    Ruby                3) Emerald

2)     Sapphire         4) Topaz

Regular activites showcase the talent with in the house. Points system enables the quality of performances of these houses.


Activities of School Club

1] World Environmental Day celebration
2] Investiture Ceremony
3] World Population Day- Science Club
4] Independence Day Celebration
5] Literary Club Competition
6] Kannada day celebration
7] Childrens’ day celebration
8] Teachers’ Day celebration

9] Christmas Day celebration

10] Republic day celebration

11] Gandhi Jayanti


School Co Curricular Activities – CCA

Pre Primary Section

1] Colour  Day

2] Splash of Colours

3] My favourite Toy

4] Rhyme Time / Shlokas

5] Fancy Dress

6] Memory Game

7] Paper folding – Origami

8] Clay moulding

9] Graduation Day

10] Hand writing

Grade I to IV

1] Poem Recitation
2] Spell Bee Competition
3] Talent search
4] Word Building
5] Framing Words

Grade V to VII

1] Mono acting
2] Elocution
3] Group dance

Grade VIII to X

1] Pick & Speak
2] Impromptu Speech
3] Story telling
4] Dumb Charades