” All work, no play makes Jack a dull boy” Children should be natured from the young age apart from studies and expose them for overall development. So they should get expose to co-curricular activities where the hidden talent of a child is brought out from budding stage to an exalting one. Activities like singing Rhymes, Memory Test, Designing Rangoli, Debate, Extempore Speeches, Mono acting , Drawing, Painting, Collage Work, etc are some of the Co- curricular activities conducted in our school, where we  enable them  to compete in with other school in inter school competitions.

Aquatic Complex

Bangalore International Public School from June 2006, has an ultra modern Aquatic complex. The Aqua Complex consists one Swimming pool of 25mts. With 6 lanes for competitions and one more pool will be used for training and water polo sport.

Scouts and Guides

Scouts and Guides are integral part in the Child’s physical activities especially during their field trips. It inculcates discipline among the students and face boldly.

Equestrian classes ( Horse Riding )

Equestrian classes will be conducted where in students will have on hand experience of horse riding.

Rock Climbing

Trekking program will be organized for students who are interested in adventures like climbing mountain and walking on the untraversed trails.