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Activity: Monkey and Cap seller story (Advanced) Grade: III A   Knowledge is Power   Knowledge is Sucess   Knowledge is Wisdom But Knowledge is Endless     Lets update our knowledge with more skills and more technology by reading book for this changing...

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Investiture Ceremony

‘BIPS’ conducted their first school programme “Investiture Ceremony” on 5th July 2018. Marking the day to badge the leaders of the school representatives  like Senior & Junior president, sports leader, Band commanders,  Senior & junior  Captains & Vice Captains of  four houses ( Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire & Topaz), the teachers  were   also elected on their respective house  Mistress & Deputy mistress. The ceremony was honoured by the presence of school founder Chairman, Rotarian Dr. Sri. Muniraju and School Secretary Mr. Rakesh Muniraju, Academic Director of Kids High,  also released the school song. BIPS Academic Director spoke on the  importance of leaders, by giving them independent charges and empowering them,...

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COLOUR DAY Red- The first colour of spring  Red for happiness & Passion  Ten Red Apples grown on a tree five for you & five for me. Let us shake the tree and Red apples will fall below 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10  Red Roses, Tomatoes &...

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Harshavardhan of grade VI won the first place of badminton under 13 years category.. Conducted by Smash sports academy Bangalore.