A one of kind event that brought all the schools under the Bangalore Group of Institutions under one roof

DSC00005 DSC00016 DSC00037 DSC00051 DSC00054 DSC00087 DSC00094 DSC00099 DSC00102 DSC00114 DSC00132 DSC00135 DSC00142 DSC00159 DSC00192 DSC00215 DSC00224 DSC00232 DSC00233 DSC00241 DSC00346 DSC00354 DSC00374 DSC00402 DSC00418 DSC00463 DSC00468 DSC00474 DSC00482 DSC00528 DSC00542 DSC00574 DSC00587 DSC00677 DSC00739 DSC00743 DSC00749 DSC00772 DSC00796 DSC00802 DSC00804 DSC00808 DSC00816 DSC00823 DSC09792 DSC09811 DSC09826 DSC09832 DSC09849 DSC09867 DSC09928 DSC09972