ISA of British Council is a wonderful platform to mould students and teachers into a global citizens .The projects with an international dimensions inspires to learn  , acquire ,explore and achieve our goals ,which become a landmarks in future .The variety of the projects –Global harmony ,Global personalities ,Literature ,various ways of medicine ,waste management ,wildlife, Food nutrition and Fashion gave an exposure the tradition ,culture and the contemporary trends all around the world .

The observation of International days in the school assembly ,foreign visitors on memorable days like Hiroshima Day ,Peace Day ,International Nutrition Day ,World Environment day ,invoked and made an impact on global issues like  peace and harmony ,recycling and environment projects like global personalities  and literature provide an opportunity to link the past with the present at a global level .The projects on Fashion provide a scope for creativity and global trends .It was an instrument  to provide the electrifying attitude with elevated ideas in depth involvement organizing skills ,flexible ,multi –level aptitude the summarizing,  communicative ,capturing charm and high level energy of students and teachers which led to the accreditation of ISA left the 3000 parents dumb struck .

ISA   made a way to connect our partner schools through Skype ,internet in countries like Bristol ,Austria ,Japan and many more countries to share the notions  making the globe shrink to a class room .
The twelve month journey for ISA accreditation involves high level of intellect meticulous planning  and team work with degree of photograph and technology with a determination of the entire crew of ISA project members .

Accreditation of ISA 2015-2018  is a milestone with miles  to go ……..