Change of Extra marks procedure to login for ICSE. 

Dear Students,

Please follow the below steps to login for the Live Class of 1 to 10 ICSE students only.

Step 1, Open Chrome or Mozilla Firefox 

Step 2 , Type in the URL and click enter.

Step 3 , Click on Login

Step 4 , Enter your respective email id shared by the school in the sheet as Username.

Step 4 , Enter Password as 123456

Step 5 , Once the Dashboard is visible, select the Go to school from left panel.

Step 6 , In Go to school option, you will find upcoming classes to join, select the respective class which is live and Join it. If you cannot find the class, click on view more and select the subject from the top and join the respective class by clicking on the video button.

Step 7 , Allow your device to use your computer audio and Webcam(click on check devices while joining to the class for better understanding of the audio and camera details)

Please Note - Use the live class strictly in Laptop or Desktop for all the features to work properly. Mobile can be used if there is no other device at home, follow all the steps mentioned above, click on three parallel lines on the top right corner to see the login option after entering the URL.

 - BIPS Management

About COVID 19 and how to keep Safe

Happy Teachers Day

Date & Time of Virtual learning classes for Grade VIII to III.

Dear Parents,

  • for grade 8 ICSE will be from 10.30am to 11am ,
  • for grade 8 State  it will be from 11.10am to 11.40 am,
  • for grade 7 ICSE will be from 11.50am to 12.20pm,
  • for grade 6 ICSE  it will be from 12.30pm to 1 pm,
  • for grade 5  it will be from 1.10pm to 1.40 pm ,
  • for grade 4  will be from 1.50pm to 2.20pm and
  • for grade 3  will be from 2.30pm to 3 pm,
each class will be for 1 session on  3rd June 2020. The ID for students has been sent. Please follow the procedure to log in and  attend the classes.
– BIPS Management.

Upcoming Events



Prep to Grade VII – Worksheets & Assignments are sent to through PUPIL POD. Please login and complete.

Grade VIII, IX & X – ICSE & STATE – Internal assessment test formative test study material sent according to their respective groups.

Please collect books- according to the dates sent through SMS. The dates are extended for another week.

Virtual teaching of Recorded / Live VIDEO will start soon (in JUNE)

Important Announcement


Dear Parents,Greetings from the Chairman, Secretary and Staff. Lockdown during COVID-19 CREATED STAY SAFE AT HOME, BUT BE ACTIVE.1. Sudden closing down of all academic activities from 4th March,2020.2. Declaration of results "All students from Pre-Primary to Grade 7 promoted".3. Question papers sent through Pupil Pod(online), by creating Id's for all students.4. Online assignments and workshops and assessment tests for high school Grade 9 and 10 State board.5. Virtual learning program assignments , one on one interactive sessions, for Grdae 10 ICSE and State board students.6. Assignments, worksheets and videos for shining stars and Grade 1 to 7 students.7. Stay tuned for upcoming events.8. Provision for online payment of fees or by usual manual method.9. Information regarding books will be intimated soon.

Posted by Bangalore International Public School on Tuesday, May 12, 2020


Dear parents ,

we are sure all of you along with your family are keeping good health and are safe .

We would like our students to spend the holidays productively. our teachers are posting worksheets periodically across all subjects on pupil pod app and we assure it is keeping them engaged .

For any emergency and queries please call Mrs Anitha 9844808887

Stay safe,stay healthy,stay alert take care.
Regards,management and principal BIPS

CONGRATULATION!!!! Adarsh Sahani Grade III winner in Swimming Contest.

ABACUS – IDEAL ABACUS CHAMPION Sudev II C – 1st Prize at National Level held at Chennai.

Kempegowda Nagarika Samskritika Kreeda Abhivrudhi Sangha H Harsh Grade – VII A – 1st Prize Appaiah BasketBall Competition